Evan Williams is the son of motion picture character actor Rhys Williams. He was educated at UCLA where he received his Bachelor of Arts in film followed by a Juris Doctorate degree from the UCLA School of Law.

Evan and his brother, Tudor, co-founded Cambrian Energy in 1980. Evan has served as President of Cambrian Energy since its founding.

Evan began practicing law in 1969 with an emphasis on transactional work involving securities regulation, including public offerings, mergers and acquisitions, real estate syndications, and renewable energy law and finance.

Evan is responsible for the structuring of Cambrian Energy’s renewable energy projects, including negotiating and drafting agreements that memorialize project stakeholder relationships. In doing so, Evan works with organic waste resource owners, such as landfill owners, and energy customers and their legal counsel to arrive at agreements that reflect a fair sharing of both responsibilities and benefits. These agreements must not only meet the financial expectations of the parties, but must also satisfy the requirements for a successful energy project development in the areas of regulatory compliance, permitting, tax law, real property title issues and financing.

Evan has participated in more than $1 billion of financings for renewable energy projects.

Cambrian Energy is a founding member of the Coalition for Renewable Natural Gas ( Since its founding in 2011, Evan has served as Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Coalition for Renewable Natural Gas, the leading trade association in North America representing the interests of the renewable natural gas industry. The Coalition, with more than 200 member companies, represents all stakeholders in the renewable natural gas industry in North America, including two national labor organizations and some of the most recognizable names in the energy industry.


Rhys is the son of Evan Williams, one of the founders of Cambrian Energy, and the grandson of his namesake, Rhys Williams, a motion picture character actor.

Rhys was raised in Southern California and received his Bachelor of Business Administration from the University of San Diego in 1999 where he graduated with honors from the School of Business with a major in business and a minor in computer programming. Rhys was also admitted to the M.B.A. program at the University of San Diego.

Prior to joining Cambrian Energy in 2002, Rhys received his securities and insurance licenses and developed his own financial services business.

Rhys is Executive Vice President of Cambrian Energy. Rhys is responsible for the preparation, review and analysis of the financial models used in the structuring, development and subsequent operation of the projects and companies with which Cambrian Energy participates. He structures stakeholder relationships for Cambrian Energy’s projects and develops operational systems and oversees the day-to-day operations of those companies and projects.


Patricia is the Director of Business Operations of Cambrian Energy and has served in that capacity since 1999. She has worked with the Principals of Cambrian Energy for more than 30 years.

She has responsibility for all of Cambrian’s banking, insurance and accounting functions, including accounts receivable, accounts payable and payroll. She also oversees and coordinates all other key administrative duties and relationships that are essential to Cambrian Energy’s daily operations.


Ryan Dillon is the Assistant Director of Administration of Cambrian Energy. Prior to joining Cambrian Energy in 2016, Ryan held positions in companies in which his computer and IT skills were utilized.

Ryan is responsible for overseeing the IT, communications and shipping functions at Cambrian Energy, including its computer networking, remote servers, telephone and conferencing systems, its e-mail system and all document production facilities. He also provides analytical review of documents produced in connection with project development and supports all other logistical needs in the operations of Cambrian Energy’s business.


May 20, 1945 – December 7, 2016

Tudor Williams is Evan’s brother and co-founded Cambrian Energy in 1980. He earned his Bachelor of Science and Masters of Science degrees in Engineering from UCLA.

He served as Executive Vice President of Cambrian Energy until his untimely death from cancer in 2016.

Tudor was a visionary and used his brilliant technical mind as well as his unmatched people skills to lead the early development of projects developed by Cambrian Energy. The approach conceived by Tudor was creative, unique and forever changed how landfill gas-to-energy projects were developed in the United States.

Tudor’s accomplishments and contributions to the landfill gas industry were recognized by the Solid Waste Association of North America that awarded him both its Hall of Flame Award as well as its Eternal Flame Award. The Coalition for Renewable Natural Gas annually grants to deserving students the Tudor Williams Academic Scholarship Award in honor of the lifetime of contributions Tudor made to his industry.

Tudor’s blend of exceptional technical and people skills and his high moral and ethical standards are embedded in how Cambrian Energy operates its business. Tudor set the high bar of excellence that Cambrian Energy strives to achieve in all of its relationships.

Those of us who knew and worked with Tudor were truly blessed.