The Fort Smith Landfill in the City of Fort Smith, Arkansas is a regional landfill and one of the largest in the State of Arkansas. The Fort Smith RNG Project is the only RNG project in the State of Arkansas.

The project was originally developed by Cambrian Energy with a utility- subsidiary partner to sell medium btu gas to a nearby industrial user.

Cambrian Energy subsequently reacquired the project from its utility subsidiary partner. In 2006 Cambrian with a new partner developed and placed into operation an RNG project at the Fort Smith Landfill, something that had not been done before in the State of Arkansas.

The Fort Smith RNG Project delivers the RNG it produces into the Arkansas Oklahoma Gas Corporation (AOGC) natural gas pipeline system. When first approached about the project, the AOGC operating personnel expressed skepticism about the ability of the Fort Smith RNG Project to meet the high heating value pipeline injection standard established by Arkansas state law. That pipeline injection standard has been continuously met since the project began its operations in 2006.

Aerial of Ft Smith Plant looking up at landfill

Once the RNG project began operations and continually met all pipeline injection standards of AOGC, those same AOGC personnel expressed to Cambrian Energy and its partner, and have since expressed to others while serving as a reference, that the Fort Smith RNG Project is one of AOGC’s most reliable producers and suppliers of gas into the AOGC natural gas pipeline system.

In the very successful public-private partnership established by the Fort Smith RNG Project with the City of Fort Smith with respect to the Fort Smith Landfill, the City has received a number of meaningful benefits:

The Project pays the City very substantial rent payments

The Project pays all capital and operating costs for the landfill gas collection system installed at the landfill, which are costs the City would otherwise incur in order to meet its environmental compliance obligations under federal and state law with respect to its solid waste disposal operations at the landfill

The City enjoys the public relations benefits from being associated with one of the most successful RNG projects in the United States