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Company Profile

Evan Williams

 Evan Williams is responsible for the structuring of Cambrian’s energy projects.  In doing so, Evan works with landfill owners and energy customers and their legal counsel to arrive at agreements that reflect a fair sharing of both responsibilities and benefits.  These agreements must not only meet the financial expectations of the parties, but must also satisfy the requirements for a successful energy project development in the areas of regulatory compliance, permitting, tax law, real property title issues and financing.

 Evan received his Bachelor of Arts degree from UCLA in 1965.  He received his Juris Doctor from UCLA in 1968.

 Evan is a principal in the law firm of Poindexter & Doutré, Inc.  He also is a director of Glass Inc. International.


Tudor Williams

 Tudor Williams is responsible for working with landfill owners so as to maximize the value of their landfill gas resource.  In this capacity, he reviews the technical aspects of the landfill, the status of its landfill gas collection system, the potential availability of tax incentives for an energy project, the proximity to local energy users, the evaluation of the local energy market, and the selection of an energy conversion technology that will best suit the conditions at the project.  Tudor also works with potential energy customers to negotiate pricing and explain the technical aspects for either direct utilization of landfill gas in their process or for the purchase of electric power and/or other energy products produced form landfill gas.  In working with energy customers, Tudor must find value in the end energy use for both the energy customer and the project.

 Tudor is nationally recognized as having broad expertise in all aspects of landfill gas development.  He has presented a number of papers at landfill gas industry symposiums through the years on a variety of technical and business topics.

 Tudor received his Bachelor of Science from UCLA in 1967.  He received his Master of Science from UCLA in 1969 and was advanced to Ph. D. candidacy.

 Prior to joining Cambrian, Tudor started a family of companies in the alternate energy area, covering such technologies as landfill gas conversion, cogeneration and waste heat recovery.  He also worked at System Development Corporation and at Proctor and Gamble.


Rhys Williams

 Rhys Williams is responsible for assisting in the location and evaluation of potential energy customers for an energy project as well as for the preparation of the financial model for each energy option being evaluated for a project.  Such financial models collectively constitute the decisional tool by which the key elements of the project are determined, including the selection and size of an energy conversion technology and the pricing of the energy to be purchased by an energy customer in a fashion that provides an equitable sharing of financial benefits available from the project among the landfill owner, the energy customer and the energy project developer.

The financial models prepared for each project are also essential in determining whether or to what extent debt financing may be available to enhance the financial returns for an energy project.  Rhys is adept at working with the variable elements within the financial models to optimize the sharing of available financial benefits from a project among the participants.

Rhys received his Bachelor of Business Administration from the University of San Diego in 1999 where he graduated with honors from the School of Business.  Rhys has also been admitted to the M.B.A. program at the University of San Diego.  Prior to joining Cambrian, Rhys received his securities and insurance licenses and has developed his own financial services business.